A new approach to saas billing

Finally, an approach to billing that leaves the power in your hands

Define features and Plans

Your features are your money makers. That’s why we put them right in the center so that you can easily package them any way you want using any pricing model you want

The Payment Wizard

Customize Licensario's Payment Wizard or design your own payment funnel. Our Payment wizard handles it all: from the pricing page to up-selling offers, upgrade/downgrade management, the checkout page and everything you need in order to sell your SaaS. You decide how to use it and how it’ll look like

Choose a Gateway

Open an account with one of our supported gateways. You won’t need to integrate with them - we took care of it for you


offer new packages without writing a single line of code

Changing your code for each new plan you test just doesn't make sense. The market changes fast and you need to stay on top of your game. Our pricing model agnostic API gives you the ability to sell any package of your software, in any pricing model without changing a single line of code.

Understand your SaaS metrics

Know your LTV, CAC, Conversion & Churn rate, MRR, ARR, and more. Questions like "Which plan converts best?", "Which plan has the highest churn rate?", "What features should I sell?", "Which pricing model works best for me?" and much more are all answered by viewing your sales performance in our enhanced dashboard and analytics.

Feature provisioning/User entitlements management

Not only that we take care of all those pesky billing issues, you don’t need to implement provisioning by yourself. Licensario tracks users' usage and lets you know when a user tries to use a feature he's not allowed to or when he reaches the usage limit.

Increase conversions & revenue with Automatic Up-Selling

Using our Payment Wizard, when a user tried to use a feature he’s not allowed to or when he reaches the limit of usage of one of the features, a popup opens and offers the user to upgrade. The plans you offer to each user can vary and can be different than what you offer on your pricing page. This great flexibility allows you to easily test new offers.

Target your plans and offerings for various market segments

It’s really hard to cover all market segments with just three tiers of pricing. But what can you do? Everyone knows you shouldn't offer too many options on your pricing page. The solution is to be able to go beyond the traditional 3 tiers of pricing and the ability to target different segments with offerings that will entice them to convert. With Licensario, you can create a new offer in a click and test it on a specific segment.

“Where there is love there is life”Mahatma Gandhi

Daniel Zaturansky, PowToon:

“Licensario saved us weeks of costly development work and allowed us to monetize our business in a fraction of the time it would have ordinarily taken.”

Yaniv Nizan, Soomla:

“Licensario is simply amazing. We can finally see not only what our current sales performance is, but also what measures we need to take in order to increase our revenues.”

Arie Shpanya, WisePricer:

“Licensario's flexibility gives us the ability to test different price points at the click of a button and to easily optimize our pricing process and structure. We are big fans!”

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